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It has the aquarium, the waterfall, the ice-rink and of course the towering Burj Khalifa as a neighbour.

11th June 2019

The vast Dubai Mall is also home to anyone who is anyone in the world of retail. We ended up playing a game of trying to find who wasn’t present in the mall and didn’t do very well. Even brands who have a limited presence outside their home markets have established a foothold here; according to CBRE Dubai is second to only Hong Kong as the top target for international retailers with 59 international brands opening their first overseas store there in 2017.

Geolytix are actively extending our reach into the GCC countries to support clients who are seeking opportunities to expand in this rapidly evolving region. For these retailers and brands, Dubai Mall will be an inevitable target as it exerts a dominance over the Dubai retail landscape matched in few other global cities. 28% of total retail spend for key categories flow through the mall according to our analysis.

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