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Triple Nominations for the Women in Tech Awards

You’ll know by now that there is nothing we like more than being recognised and winning the odd award.

18th July 2022

We are beyond excited that not 1, not 2 but 3 of our spectacular team have been nominated for the Women in Tech Excellence Awards. We already know that our team is full to the brim with role models and the best leaders and innovators, but it means a lot when our customers and networks recognise this. We’re so proud that Agata, Jasmin and Sarah have been nominated for 8 awards between them.

Agata, is our senior developer and is one of a small team who are responsible for the success of our GEOLYTIX MAPP software. She loves understanding the clients’ requests and turning what we thought was impossible into the possible. Alongside her amazing ability to code, her character lights up our team, along with updates on her tennis skills, new languages, cooking and travelling. Agata has developed MAPP from France, Italy, Poland and the UK over the last 12 months!

Jasmin was promoted to Head of Product just over a year ago. Prior to GEOLYTIX she was in the Property world and hadn’t any experience of being a Product Owner but she jumped at the challenge. She builds such strong relationships with all our customers so is the perfect person to ensure our software roadmap hits the spot. We can’t imagine the MAPP team without her now – her ability to ‘live-demo’ MAPP from anywhere on any device is legendary!

Sarah, our COO co-founded GEOLYTIX a decade ago. Back then there weren’t any plans for GEOLYTIX to build our own tech, but after we’d successfully managed hundreds of client projects which involved building user interfaces in numerous mapping platforms, we thought it was time to add our own into the mix. Sarah was shown the ropes by our lead developer Dennis and thrown into a new world of leading a software development team. Whilst the day to day is now managed by Jasmin and Lisa, she is far too passionate not to stay involved!

Good luck to all three, all winners in our eyes.

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