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GEOLYTIX Point of Interest Data 2017

Location planning spans a wide range of industries from retail to the public sector. Complex decisions require a multitude of inputs, and that is where Geolytix’s Point of Interest (POI) data can be used.

22nd May 2017

Location planning spans a wide range of industries from retail to the public sector. Complex decisions require a multitude of inputs, and that is where Geolytix’s Point of Interest (POI) data can be used. An invaluable resource which is updated annually, the dataset contains 13 different POI types to aid a large variety of locational and other strategic decisions.

Our 13 POI categories spanning health, leisure and public sector locations are as follows:

  • Car Parks
  • Cinemas
  • Courts
  • Dental Surgeries
  • GP Practices
  • Hospitals
  • MOT Garages
  • Opticians
  • Pharmacies
  • Prisons
  • Service Areas
  • Sport and Leisure Facilities
  • Stadia

Car Parks, MOT Garages and Service Areas

The car parks dataset contains over 20,000 locations across Great Britain. Information includes cost, available spaces by vehicle type and number of parent and child and disabled spaces as well as weekday and weekend opening indicators. This detail can give an indication of accessibility, helping to assess the viability of locations in relation to your customers. In addition, knowing the locations of over 22,000 MOT garages and almost 350 road service areas means you can be clear about local provision for transport in your area, helping to identify potential locations for target customers.

Geolytix also hold detailed data on public transport in a separate dataset which, combined with this POI data gives an invaluable insight into your area and the movement of population.


POI cinema data contains locations of both mainstream and independent cinemas across the UK. With over 900 points compromised of address, brand and screen count attributes, this comprehensive list gives an idea of the size and locations of key leisure destinations in the UK. Used in combination with our retail places dataset gives a clear picture of all leisure park destinations across the UK, key in retail and leisure location decision-making.

Courts and Prisons

Court data includes address, contact details and type of each court. Prison data includes prison type, capacity and gender. These attributes can aid analysis involving accessibility and population and could give an indication of footfall and passing trade in the surrounding area.

Health Facilities

Dental Surgeries, GPs, Opticians, Pharmacies and Hospitals are provided across the UK. Available information compromises addresses for each dataset as well as:

  • Dental Surgeries: NHS/ Private indicator
  • GPs – practice status, contact details and open date
  • Opticians – brand and open date
  • Pharmacies – brand, open date and organisation type
  • Hospitals – hospital type

In addition, new for 2017, hospitals have been geocoded at rooftop level, providing a high level of accuracy.

Health data is invaluable across multiple industries from assessing potential footfall to location type to accessibility.

Sports and Leisure Facilities

This comprehensive dataset contains almost 42,000 locations for sport and leisure facilities across the UK. As well as assessing accessibility and potential passing trade, the dataset could also be used to identify gaps in the market.


The UK has a wealth of cultural locations which include over 500 stadia, used for sports matches, concerts and numerous other events. Many of these stadiums hold thousands of spectators, making knowledge of their locations key to strategic location decision making.

With location as key a factor today as ever, important decisions need to be able to rely on a robust and accurate set of data. Geolytix’s Point of Interest data does just that, providing a large number of interesting and comprehensive datasets spanning a wide range of uses across different industries.

At Geolytix we take pride in our use of open data to create our datasets, ensuring accuracy and adding value where we can to create a set of reliable and up-to-date datasets. If you are interested in finding out more about the POI dataset or any other data that Geolytix has to offer, please see the ‘Geodata’ section of our website or alternatively contact Louise Cross.

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